Meet, Greet, Bleat.

Turn every, chance meeting into an opportunity!

Bleat helps everyone you meet, remember you

Prepare a pre-loaded message on Bleat and next time you have a conversation with someone new, you can Bleat them your message instantly. Using your devices email, sms or Whatsapp

  • 100% Safe - Bleat NEVER see's your data
  • Bleat ANY message and contact details to new prospects
  • Promote your website to anyone you meet
  • Bleat a brochure and promote products to prospective customers
  • Bleat your social links to new friends

Bleat helps everyone you meet, remember you

You can Bleat to everyone you meet in just one, simple press of a button. Sending them your contact details or your website URL, A PDF brochure, picture or social links. Create as many prepared messages as you wish and be super- ready for any situation. Now you can have a conversation with anyone and instantly connect. With Bleat you are locked and loaded to do business.


Bleat helps everyone you meet, remember you - Meet, Greet, Bleat


Send a thank-you and your details as you are having the conversation

Business Promotion

Have your brochure and web details ready to send instantly


Make new friends and keep in touch by Bleating your social links


Organise parties and playdates be having the details ready to Bleat


Share community information to all your contacts in just one Bleat


Make sales and issue receipts in a simple Bleat


I was at the London Business Funding Show when I first tested the new Bleat app on my iPhone. On the day, I had three good conversations, used Bleat in all of them and arranged meetings with two. The first Bleat that I ever did, led to an investment offer! I knew then that I was on to something.

Chris Hill - Founder

But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated

Ernest Hemingway


Make sales and issue receipts in a simple Bleat

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